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Outback loop upgraded section is now OPEN!

Some great team work between TMBC, Destination Coromandel and Whangamata Ridges Mountain bike Park, we've upgraded the top section of the Outback loop on the Moanataiari Trails network. In an effort to increase sustainability for both mountain bike parks, the works were planned with the help of funding and co-ordination through Destination Coromandel. Whangamata’s full time trail building team up skilling our volunteers on the latest techniques while themselves learning what's involved in working outside their own park to earn a supplementary income stream. Immediately prior to the works beginning, three Pine trees fell in winter storms leaving big craters on this section of the track. The timing of the project meant we could keep the track open while transforming this section of trail from an (almost) forgotten corner to a highlight of our local trails.

We've gone from this

To this

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